Meet Our Agency Owner


Stevena Joseph / Founder
Licensed in Multiple States Nationwide

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am married to a wonderful husband for over 18 yrs. We have one smart and kind son and we appreciate all the blessings God has given us. I became an insurance agent many years ago. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and did not have any insurance. As she was sick, I tried to find a way to get her the coverage she needed so that she could get the care she needed. I found the insurance maze so difficult and confusing and just broke down and cried. There was no one I could turn to that could give me a straight answer and the help I needed. Finally, I realized that there was no way to get her the coverage she needed. It was too late. No carrier would cover her at her stage.

After my mother passed away, I realized that I needed to understand health insurance for myself and my family. And once I got an understanding, I wanted to help anyone who would listen. I wanted to keep them from having to go through the type of struggle I went through. I wanted to have the answers I needed so that I can help someone else. I know it sounds ” corny “or “cliché” but it is the truth. I was in a high paying adverting sales job and I felt like I needed a change. I took a leap into health insurance and this is the best decision I have made (next to marrying my awesome husband, Herman). Now I am helping people, giving them truth about how their insurance works; understanding the good and the bad so that they can protect themselves and make good educated decisions about their healthcare needs. I do this because I care and I really enjoy helping people with one of the most underestimated life decisions that people make (purchasing health insurance coverage). I am here for you, your family, and your friends. My team is here too. Give us a call. We are happy to help.